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About Us

The Hamburg Specialist Training is a service provided by Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT) and managed by TourComm Germany.

HHT offers an unparalleled range of Hamburg-related services. The company's mission is expressed in its core statement: "Hamburg Tourismus – we bring life to the city!"

This guiding principle represents the essence of HHT's corporate philosophy:

  • HHT supports and consolidates the diversity, prominence, and success of Hamburg's tourism industry at both a national and international level. HHT thus contributes to improving the quality of life in the city.
  • The services offered by HHT are aimed at German and international visitors, as well as local residents. Further target groups are service providers and event organizers, as well as institutions and associations linked to the tourism sector.
  • As a result of its activities, HHT boosts the economic potential of retailers, gastronomy, the hotel industry, cultural and sporting bodies, and numerous services in the fields of leisure and business travel tourism. The successful marketing of Hamburg as an attractive travel destination would be impossible without healthy relationships with numerous partners. In order to achieve its declared marketing objectives, HHT must work closely with players in the urban tourism support sector in what could be called "Operation Hamburg Tourism". In this context, the individual organizations concentrate on their core competences, closely coordinating their activities within the scope of regular communication round table meetings. HHT's key partners include the company's shareholders, private equity companies, advertising alliances, and other partners.

To find out more about HHT’s range of services and partners, please visit us at www.hamburg-travel.com.