Happy Go Hamburg: Home
Happy Go Hamburg: Home


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part/register?

Anyone who currently offers vacation packages to Hamburg, or who aims to package and sell vacations to the city in the future. We welcome front line staff, product planners, managers, and other travel professionals to complete the training. Although the Hamburg Specialist Training is aimed at you, the individual, it is also helpful for businesses wishing to expand their appreciation and knowledge of Hamburg.

How do I get started or register for the Hamburg Specialist Training?

Simply click on "register" in the main navigation bar across the top of the page.

How long do I have to study?

Because Hamburg Specialist Training is available 24/7, this versatile program gives you total flexibility. You can learn when you want and where you want, and are free to set your own pace.

Is it just about learning hard facts?

No! We have integrated an array of photos, information, and activities that provide extra insight into the city. In addition to giving you the inside scoop on the main neighborhoods, museums, events and shopping areas, you will discover fun facts, such as where to see Germany's smallest police station or where to eat the famous "Fischbrötchen". We have also included several activity tips for you to pass on to your clients.

How does the training work?

The system is very straightforward. The information is broken down into 4 courses, each concentrating on a specific theme or subject. The courses are then broken down into sections, which you should work through by clicking on the "next" button at the bottom of each page. The dots along the bottom of the page will show you your progress within the course and how many pages you have left. In all courses, you will find various photos (simply click on a picture to enjoy an enlarged view) in addition to the larger photo gallery available in the main navigation bar. We have also included a few videos throughout the training, as well as review activities at the end of each course. Work your way through the courses and, once you're ready, take the test!

How do the learning activities work?

We have included various learning activities, from grouping puzzles to crossword puzzles and drag-and-drop questions. The goal here is to solidify what you are learning or, in some cases, to learn by doing! Here are a few general tips:

Grouping puzzle: Here, you will assign puzzle pieces to the tabs available around the puzzle. Every correctly assigned puzzle piece will reveal a piece of the underlying picture. Keep trying until the entire photo is revealed!

Drag-and-drop: Both pictures and text boxes can be moved around on the screen. The location of each item is randomly generated, meaning items may be overlapped; you can move items around until you have a good view of them all. To pair two items together, drag and drop one over the other until they are connected by a string. You can separate items by clicking on them again. As with all activities, you can keep trying until the answer is correct.

Crossword puzzle: Simply click on the row and column numbers to view the hints and enter your answers. You can change your answers by clicking on the row or column number again and retyping your answer. Try as many times as necessary until all answers are correct.

Fill-in-the-blank: Simply select your answers from the drop-down menus. You can change your answers until you've found the correct solution.

What about the tests?

You can only take the tests after you've registered. When you register, it is important that you use a personal email address (not a general company email address). Once you finish a course, take the course test (10 questions). There is no time limit on each test, and you can also pause your progress and return to complete the test at a later time. A score of 80% or higher is needed to pass each test.

And, after I take the test?

Your test results will immediately appear on the screen. If at first you don't succeed, you are allowed to try, try, and try again...but be warned. The second time around the questions will not all be the same! The system will automatically save your best score.

How do I know which test I have already completed successfully?

If you're logged in, you can check your learning progress by clicking on "learning progress" in the main navigation bar or in the test center. Successfully completed tests are marked in green.

And, when I have passed all 4 tests?

A red button will appear at the bottom of the test center page; click the button and you will be forwarded to the "congrats" page, where you can download your personalized Hamburg Specialist Certificate. This page will also include a brief and easy online survey about your "Happy go Hamburg" experience.

Personal Details

Why do you require my contact details?

We need your contact details in order to send you your test results, and for the purpose of statistical analysis and business reporting by the Hamburg Tourismus GmbH.

Will my contact details be used for any other purpose?

No. Your contact details will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

My contact details have changed. How do I update them?

Simply log in and change your contact details by clicking on the "Personal Data" tab in the Hamburg Specialist Training Test Center.