Happy Go Hamburg: Home
Happy Go Hamburg: Home


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Why Hop on the Hamburg Wave?

We believe that the Hamburg Specialist Training should not only be fun, but also beneficial for both you and your company! Maybe you’ve heard of Hamburg before, or maybe the city is already a part of your portfolio? Or perhaps you’re new to Hamburg and are looking for exciting new destinations to offer your clients?

Whatever your previous association with Hamburg, here are 5 great reasons to become a Hamburg Specialist:

  • Convenience
    This training is not only complimentary, but can also be completed at your own pace! The content and tests are available 24-7, allowing you to determine when and where you wish to learn.
  • Commission
    The Hamburg Specialist Training gives you the tools you need to grow your sales to Hamburg by increasing your knowledge and appreciation of the city and surrounding area.
  • Confidence
    Once you have passed the 4 separate Hamburg courses, you will be much more confident when dealing with customers and able to answer almost any question that could arise. Additionally, you become your clients’ best source for Hamburg information, regardless of what kind of trip they wish to plan.
  • Credibility
    Upon completion of the training, you will receive your very own, personalized Hamburg Specialist Certificate. Hang it in your office or link it on your website – clients and travel professionals alike will see and believe that you know your stuff!
  • Captivation
    We believe that those who enjoy what they do have a better chance at success. With that in mind, we have worked hard to make this training as interactive, diverse, and interesting as possible. The more fun you have, the higher your motivation to complete the training and the greater the amount of information you retain!

Because the successful completion of the training may result in agent benefits, Hamburg Tourismus GmbH undertakes regular audits of the test results. Any irregularities are investigated and may result in the invalidation of test results, revocation of the Hamburg Specialist status, and contact with company management.

Ready to “Hop on the Hamburg Wave”?

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